Starting across, wounds up to X of the opponent's FRONT ROW units.

Every point of DefenseDefense a FRONT ROW unit has will block one Wound. Every unit wounded by Wound will use up one Wound.

Wound will attempt to hit a unit until it succeeds or runs out of Wound. Once a unit is hit, any remaining points of Wound will go down the opponent's FRONT ROW and keep trying to wound units.

19 units have the Wound ability:

DominoDomino JonasJonas PaynePayne RuneRune SpikeSpike
AlsonAlson LansLans BarionBarion RayRay IllianIllian
BlightBlight SquintSquint TikTik GorgGorg RyunRyun
MarcellusMarcellus AbbieAbbie DrummondDrummond MonroeMonroe

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