The game doesn't teach proper strategy. Lots of new players have to be dissuaded of their misconceptions.

You're doing it wrong Edit

You probably need to read this guide if:

  • If you draw Ramm on your first turn, you play it in front.
  • You think Rowa and Rucke are good.
    • They are, but not for your deck.
  • You play Horus in front.
  • You have, or are on your way to having, 28 units in your army.

Basic tips Edit

  • Smaller decks are faster and more consistent. Start with 15-17 for Gold.
  • You can't do damage unless you have more attack than the opponent.
  • You can't kill unless you can do damage.
  • You can't kill unless you have higher attack than the opponent.
  • 15 HP is a lot.
  • Early damage is useless.
  • Early damage is useless.
  • Early damage is useless.
  • For the first few turns, if you draw a card that has Recruit or Gold, put it in the back instead of using it for attack, because early damage is useless.
  • Finish the Campaign. It has several cards that are necessary and useful.
  • Move your healer, or else your opponent will wound it.

Power versus Rush Edit

There are two main kinds of armies
Power and Rush. There is no "mix" or "half".
Newbies should use Power at first.

Power armies focus on getting lots of producers so that they can buy their big units. They ignore early damage, and don't try to do damage unless they have NOTHING better to do.

Rush armies focus on doing lots of damage from the start of the game. They usually don't have big units: all units should be about 0-4 cost. Big units slow the deck down.

Rush decks require lots of small, powerful cards. They're typically bad for new players, who don't have enough small, powerful units.

Early damage is useless unless you're rushing, and trying for early damage will slow down your production. If you try to use a mix of Power and Rush, you will lose.

First-draw rule Edit

The first unit you recruit in a game can always be hired on your first turn.

You want that unit to be a production unit (Harden and Johnn), because you're using a Power deck. Any units that can be drawn as the first card and that don't produce reduce your chances of getting Harden and Johnn.

This means that early attackers like Rowa and Rucke, which look good, are making you lose.

City Edit

Choose a city with 4 recruit.

Don't use a Hybrid city unless you really need to. The extra draw per turn lets you get the cards you need.

Don't use these cards Edit

The following cards aren't good for new players because of the above information:

External links Edit

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