Common < Uncommon < Rare < Ultra Rare < Legendary

48 units are Common:

GroffGroff KaiteKaite DominoDomino AbbanAbban HectorHector
HardenHarden RosieRosie TamurumTamurum RorthRorth YuolenYuolen
InoIno YuoYuo LoomLoom PittPitt HarumHarum
LyssLyss TalasTalas JohnnJohnn VinceVince MorgartMorgart
ManaMana PepPep ObOb EnchEnch SlogSlog
RokoRoko DiugDiug MullMull QitQit RemiRemi
SergeSerge OberosOberos JakkJakk JiastJiast DuncanDuncan
MagMag Nalz Beck Dante Stell
Sawth Carth Rasp Sarr Walsh
Maw Charlie

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